Business Process Management System

Business Process Management System

Business Process Management System


 Design, development and maintenance of corporate office systems, logistics systems, storage systems, financial systems, etc. 

APP Development

Business Process Management System

Business Process Management System


App and Mini APP design, development and maintenance.

IT Consultation & Big Data Analysis

IT Consultation & Big Data Analysis

IT Consultation & Big Data Analysis


According to different stages of your company's development, we provide professional IT advice.

Website & Online Store

IT Consultation & Big Data Analysis

IT Consultation & Big Data Analysis


Business or personal website and platform design, development

and maintenance.

Business Process Management System


BPMS--process management system, integrating customer relationship management system (CRM), order management system (OMS), enterprise resource planning system (ERP), warehouse management system (WMS), financial management system (FMS) and other business systems, combined Business Process Management (BPM) philosophy.



  • Reduce inventory and increase turnover
  • Improve the management level of enterprises to improve the response speed of enterprises to market changes
  • Solve the problem of workflow and information flow in business
  • Improve the level of enterprise information and automation, reduce manual operations
  • Business integration, management collaboration
  • Process management, clear tasks
  • Optimized extension, custom development
  • Intelligent decision making, improve efficiency
  • Digital operation, cost reduction

APP Development


App and applet design, development and maintenance.

Corporate APP

  • Provide a broad platform for corporate brand promotion and product promotion services. 
  • Update brand trends and product information in real time.
  • Brand dynamics and product status can be delivered to users with more timeliness.
  • Gathers the necessary factors for consulting, products, supply and demand, advertising in industries.
  • Perfectly fulfills the urgent needs of companies to display products, interact with each other, and seek business opportunities.

E-commerce APP

  • Products developed for commercial retail business and service companies. 
  • It can help businesses quickly form target user groups.
  • Promote sales through information push which effectively improve sales.


  • With the close integration between offline and online.
  • entity services seamlessly connect with online services. 
  • Expanding the regional and real-time nature to a greater extent.
  • Maximizing the industrial value and business competitiveness.



IT Consultation

  • According to the company's own development, provide professional IT advice.
  • Providing the industry's most professional consulting services and Internet integration solutions

Big Data Analytics

  • Use companies related industries big data analytics to provide professional data support for companies.
  • Provides companies with visual data services centered on User Behavior Analysis (UBA/UEBA) to help companies solve problems from acquisition, modeling, and visualization.
  • Help companies obtain all-side user behavior data through the accumulation and precipitation of data assets, and achieve online and offline data communication and integration.

website & online store


Website/ online store design, development and maintenance

  • The interface of the website is clear; the operation is simple which is loved by users. 
  • Fully adaptive to different browsers, different access portals. 
  • Reasonable website layout, clear architecture, powerful visual impact. 
  • Global access to millisecond response, fast browsing at anytime and anywhere. 
  • Achieve the automatic synchronization among PC station, mobile station, WeChat station, APP and applet. 

Display Type Website

  • Focusing on the corporate brand image as well as the display of products and services. 
  • Perfectly presents visual design and user experience design.

Marketing Type Website

  • With the purpose of network marketing, with the close integration between offline and online, opening 365 days of marketing channels throughout the year.

Brand Type Website

  • Combining art and business perfectly, establish the brand image of the network and highlight the brand value.

Online Store/Shopping Website

  • The development and combination of professional online shopping system modules creates a powerful online sales platform and realizes the growth of online sales.